we love niamh and niamh loves

I’ve spent the entire morning watching Youtube and it’s entirely filmmaker Niamh Peren’s fault. Niamh’s a favourite subject for Maya Villiger at Turned Out, and she also makes very clever films. Here are her ten favourite (well, eleven favourite) things; and you should also take a look at her website here too.

  1. Daily emails from my little sister, Sorcha. She always encases them with a treat…

2. The National Geographic. I have a crush on film making. These snippets satisfy.

3. BACON AND EGGS AND COFFEE! Yum! At my parent’s home in Central Otago, we have the most adorable set of chooks. Mrs Beau-Bangles is my little darling, not that I have favourites. Only a few weeks ago one of our rascals laid a 9cm egg – a flipping duck sized egg! According to my geeky internet searches, this is the largest egg recorded in the southern hemisphere. I really should get on to contacting the Guinness Book of Records… All in all, the secret to a good day, is a divine breakfast.

4. MOP – Cold As Ice – MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE SONG. As a ten year old I skated to this at the local Friday night Ice Skating Disco.

5. Mariah feat Puff Daddy, Mase and Jadakiss. Youtube parties should never be over-looked.

6. Now this is team work, Nancy Sinatra and Lee Hazlewood – DROOL FEST

7. Britain’s Got Talent! Okay, so I am not a Reality TV endorser, but I do have a major soft spot for Lord of the Dance. My grandfather Da and I used to watch Michael Flatley in his mighty fine kit when I was young. This makes me giggle.

8. I grew up with Ariel the Little Mermaid. Mum even tried teaching me other languages by playing versions of it in Russian. Fail.

9. I’m currently counting down to my TWENTY FIRST birthday. Nine days to go!

10. I love to cook. More to the point, I love to eat. Especially home-made. Stephanie Alexander is the best ideas woman ever.

11. Just to be topical… I can’t stop watching this!