step into my office baby

You must watch Daisies. Zoe has posted about it already, but I have to repeat, and urge you to see it! It’s the best.

I wish I could visit the Maison Martin Margiela exhibition that is currently showing in London. There’s a long post of wonderful images here for you to look at. I love his clean, sparse and thoughtful design, all stripped back and white, bare but not cold and over-sanitised.

I just ordered this sheer black American Apparel shirt. Can’t wait to wear it. Sheer. Black. Collars. Buttons.

Likewise, shirts – especially white ones. I was contemplating buying this one by Equipment, but realised, upon cleaning out my wardrobe the other day, that I own one already.

Don’t you love still life shoots? This arrived in my inbox from Urban Outfitters last week. I want so many of these pretty, girlie things to grace my dressing table.

Bedhead, liquid eyeliner flicks.

Emmanuelle Alt – old jeans, a sweater, a navy blazer with gold buttons. The perfect outfit.

I just moved into my very own office. It’s grand… and another space to decorate with plants and chairs…

Love is all.