we love cat party and cat party loves

One of my favourite blogs at the moment is the delightfully titled Cat Party. Like So Much To Tell You, the blog was started by two best friends, Chelsea and Megan, as a way to stay in touch while living in different cities. I feel they are kindred spirits: they have a penchant for cats, and they find amazing things like books dedicated to one of the Heathers from Heathers, blogs about the fashion of Roseanne and a Barbie doll based on ‘Tippi’ Hedren’s character in The Birds. Plus they are very funny. Here are their 10 favourite things right now – I want that BFF necklace!

1. Tusk by Fleetwood Mac
Tusk is one of those records that grows on you, especially if you’ve listened to it ten thousand times like we have. And the outfit that Christine McVie is wearing in the weird neo-surrealist photo on the interior sleeve is perfection.

2. Best Fuckin’ Friends necklaces
Instead of buying each other Christmas presents last year we went halfsies on these necklaces from In God We Trust.

3. Susan Miller’s Astrology Zone
The day that Susan Miller releases her monthly horoscopes tends to be the best day of the entire month. Susan Miller, we love you.

4. Cape weather
We live for those elusive two weeks out of the year when our plethora of capes actually become functional garments.

5. The Redwood Forrest
The Redwood Forest is pure magic, we wouldn’t be surprised if we stumbled upon Joanna Newsom riding a unicorn through a delightful fairy kingdom.

6. Café Habana
Now that the Mayle store has closed Café Habana is officially our #1 destination in Nolita. Words cannot describe the colossal deliciousness of their corn-on-the-cob.

7. The L Word
The L Word provides us with fashion inspiration and a group of imaginary friends that we desperately wish were real. Now that the show is over we feel a profound sense of loss, especially because our dreams of a Carmen/ Shane reunion are officially crushed.

8. Cats sleeping on sheepskin rugs
We can’t think of anything to write for this one because the mere thought of a cat sleeping on a sheepskin rug is so adorable that our heads feel like they’re exploding.

9. Dollywood
We’ve never actually been there but we have big plans for a cross-country thrifting excursion that will most definitely include a trip to Dollywood. We’re looking forward to sipping sweet tea out of mason jars and raiding the gift shop.

10. Cannabis Rose Perfume (minus the rose….and the perfume)
What can we say? We’re from northern California. But for the record, our favorite perfumes are Comme des Garcons Rose and Coco Mademoiselle.

Some reader comments:

Dolly Parton, cats sleeping on sheepskin rugs, capes! these are some of my very favourite things! and yes, i want that necklace too, so good!

I love Cat Party – I couldn’t agree more about Tusk and the L Word.

p.s. I must say, your blog is most fantastic and inspiring. Thank you for all the lovely reading material!

Glad you appreciate that Barbie, there are also some really good Cher ones. And theres one of Ursula Andress in Dr. No but I can’t let myself buy any more of them because then I will be a creepy adult barbie collector.

it is a great blog and that is one killer top ten list of loves..
especially tusk and cats on sheepskins…sigh..
and without their blog i would never of stumbled here..:D